Library 729723 Editions is an independent press devoted to publishing queer literature, primarily focusing on the gay male voice. Library 729723 began as a collective of gay writers who are devoted to exploring in literature the lives and loves of the queer community. Acting as an editorial board for the press, this collective promotes the publication of worthwhile fiction, poetry, plays, artists' books, memoirs, and experimental work. Especially important in this venture is the connection between the writers in New Orleans and Los Angeles.

The name Library 729723 came from a chance discovery when building a home library in Los Angeles. One of the pine planks selected for shelving had a stamped number on the surface. That number was 729723, an esoteric cipher, random, but somehow important. Thus Library 729723 was born.


The explorations of the 1950s Beat Generation have served as inspiration for the press. Channeling William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Hubert Huncke, Library 729723 defines itself as the New Queer Literatures movement and seeks to develop works within this genre. The Beats were characterized as rejecting traditional narrative in their work, experimenting with drugs and sexual liberation, and using Eastern religions as a point of departure. New Queer Literatures also explores these ideas in a contemporary context, with an emphasis on queer narrative and gay liberation, and continues the efforts of the Violet Quill Club in New York City.


The mission of the press is to promote New Queer Literatures as they reflect current queer voices. We especially want to discover the unpublished work of our queer community and make their voices heard. The press is also interested in republishing lost queer works, which have been out of print for decades.

Clayton Delery, Chair
Michael Joseph Bonnet
Charles Canada
Michael Meads



The press welcomes new ideas and new perspectives from the entire queer community. Please submit a brief proposal to the press outlining your work and be sure to include a writing sample. We will answer all inquiries with comments and suggestions from our editorial board.

For information about submitting your work to the press: